Mojo Blackface Bassman Amp Kit

Here is a “guts shot” of a Mojo Blackface Bassman amp kit I just completed for a customer. I get kits sent to me pretty regularly for assembly and thought I’d post a photo of what a completed chassis looks like. The Mojo kits include good quality parts and everything mounts up very nicely. This particular amp kit is a little different than the original Bassman because it has a socket for a tube rectifier. I like this deviation from the original because you can either plug in a diode rectifier or use a vacuum tube. If you are considering building any type of amp kit be aware that some if not many kits do not have exact step by step assembly instructions. The Mojo kits include a large copy of the schematic and layout and some of the details are not shown or explained. A good kit to start with is the mighty little 5F1 tweed Champ. It is a much less complex build and will give you experience to tackle a more involved kit like the Bassman. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more information about sending a kit to me for assembly.