KTS Titanium Saddles For A Gibson Les Paul Guitar

Ron Banas from the band Lone Shark brought me his Gibson Les Paul for some TLC. The small notches in each saddle were worn and it was time for some new ones. Ron says he plays this guitar every single day. Who wouldn’t, it’s a really cool guitar. The neck is nice and chunky and because it is chambered the weight is perfect!

I talked to Ron about some different saddle options and he decided to go with the titanium saddles made by KTS. I have installed KTS saddles on many guitars (including my own #1 Tele) with great results. Ron’s guitar was great o begin with but now it’s even better! The titanium saddles increase harmonic content and sustain to a certain degree. The overall effect is like taking a veil off your guitars sound. So a great guitar gets even better! As an added bonus the chance of string breakage is significantly decreased so it’s a win-win in my opinion.

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