Intex Cable Review

There is a review of the Intex hand made instrument cable on the Reviews page. This cable is very heavy duty and just like Jean-Marc says on his site “When 1 instrument cable is all your career will ever need”,… Continue Reading

Glen Campbell: Ghost On The Canvas

Cool album alert! Glen Campbell’s “Ghost On The Canvas” is awesome! I have to admit I’m a Glen Campbell fan from way back. I can remember my grandfather listening to him in the early 70’s in his Oldsmobile Delta 88… Continue Reading

KTS Titanium Saddles For A Gibson Les Paul Guitar

Ron Banas from the band Lone Shark brought me his Gibson Les Paul for some TLC. The small notches in each saddle were worn and it was time for some new ones. Ron says he plays this guitar every single… Continue Reading

1950 Fender Champion 600 Restoration

My good friend John Fabian gave me this little 1950 Fender Champion 600 amp to restore. The amp has all the original electronic components, except the AC power cord. Obviously the grill and handle are not original and it’s missing… Continue Reading

HBO: George Harrison Living In The Material World

This should be GREAT!! Martin Scorsese directed “The Last Waltz” and “Shine A Light” so I’m expecting another great film about my favorite Beatle. Click here for more info.

Amplified Parts 10% Off Sale!

The good folks over at Amplified Parts are having a sale during the month of October. Get 10% off! Now is the time to save a few bucks on some things that you were thinking of getting for a project.… Continue Reading