1959 Gibson ES-350 Update

A couple months ago a super nice gentleman brought me a 1959 Gibson ES-350 to work on. The guitar actually belonged to Franny Beecher who was the guitarist for Bill Haley from 1959 on. Click here for the original post about this guitar.

The guitar was in very good condition considering its age and the amount of gigs it was probably on. However, the frets were worn and some inlays were also worn with some of them missing. My mission was to remove the frets, lightly plane the fretboard, replace the worn and missing inlays, re-fret, fabricate a new bone nut and set it up to play its best. This was a great project and took a lot of time and focus to get it right. The photo above shows the worn fretboard and bad inlays. The photo below shows the re-fretted fingerboard and new inlay work. In the end the guitar looked much better and played like a dream. It had the tone too!