New Inside Drivers Album Now Available!

My band the Inside Drivers have finally released our first album entitled “The Inside Drivers”. It features six original tunes including “Baby Blue”, “Ham­mer Down Dri­ver”, “You’re The One”, “Tied To The Tracks”, “You Don’t Know What I Mean” and “The Whiskey Song”. We had a blast making it and we get out to play live in the central NJ area a few times per month.

I get lots of people here on 300guitars asking me all the time if I have any of my music on the internet. Well, now I can say that I do! I’m really proud of this album and it’s my favorite kind of music. My cousin Charlie Mack and longtime friend Alan Gowa are in the band as well as my good friend Steve Kelly. Our style is a blend of Classic Country, Rockabilly and a bit of the Blues. There are plenty of fun Tele licks on the album for all the Tele guys out there. As you all know I LOVE the Telecaster…..A LOT!!

If you are interested, the album is available for download on our Inside Drivers website, Reverbnation as well as Amazon.com, Spotify and a few other online retailers. Also, if you become a fan on Reverbnation you will receive a free song each month to download. We release a favored cover tune each and every month for our Reverbnation fans. So sign up on Reverbnation if you like free music!!!

Thanks to everyone for visiting me here on 300guitars. I appreciate it a lot!!!

Click here to visit the Inside Drivers site for more information and downloading.

Click here to visit the Inside Drivers on Reverbnation.