Crazy Mutant Guitars!

My main man Todd Hamilton sent me this link with some pics of some crazy mutant guitars. I don’t know whether these are cool or a nightmare. Check ’em out and you decide. Just a fun post on a Friday.… Continue Reading

Gorgomyte Is GOOD!!!

I made a post a few weeks back about this product called Gorgomyte. Just to recap, Gorgomyte is a fret cleaner and fretboard conditioner. The product is basically a chamois-like cloth treated with a special chemical that does all the… Continue Reading

1959 Gibson ES-350 Update

A couple months ago a super nice gentleman brought me a 1959 Gibson ES-350 to work on. The guitar actually belonged to Franny Beecher who was the guitarist for Bill Haley from 1959 on. Click here for the original post… Continue Reading

New Inside Drivers Album Now Available!

My band the Inside Drivers have finally released our first album entitled “The Inside Drivers”. It features six original tunes including “Baby Blue”, “Ham­mer Down Dri­ver”, “You’re The One”, “Tied To The Tracks”, “You Don’t Know What I Mean” and… Continue Reading

From the Bench: New Nut For A Guild D-55

A quick one from the bench. New bone nut for a 1970’s Guild D-55NT. A really nice guitar. Also needed a saddle too. Now this guitar sounds and plays really nice. Because the saddle and nut are made of bone… Continue Reading

Guitar Set Up Guide Now Available!

If you’ve ever wondered what your tech does to your guitar when you take it for a set up OR you always wanted to set up your own guitar then my new Guitar Set Up Guide ebook is for you!… Continue Reading

Everything Is NEW!

Here is a quick update of what’s been going. Busy, busy, busy…!!! But it’s all goooood!! [shop_ad]

Gibson Raided By The Feds, Again

I know this is a couple days old, but in case you didn’t know Gibson was raided again by Federal Agents. Gibson is being accused of being in violation of a century old law called the Lacey Act. This law… Continue Reading