What The Hell Is Gorgomyte?

What the hell is Gorgomyte? Is it a floor wax? Is it a dessert topping? Is it something that makes Superman fall to his knees? Nah, it none of these. My man Alan Gowa who is the bass player in my band the Inside Drivers hipped me to Gorgomyte.

Gorgomyte is apparently a very effective fret and fretboard cleaner. It was developed by a guitar tech named Jimmy Johnson and a chemist friend of his. Gorgomyte is endorsed and used by countless top pro players, is environmentally safe and very effective for polishing your guitars frets as well as conditioning the fingerboard.

I have not tried this yet but will give it a go in the near future. I will post back with my results. I am wondering if anyone else has tried it and can let me know here in the comments section how it works.

Click here for more detailed info about Gorgomyte.