New Guitar Set Up Guide ebook!

Hi everyone. I have been working on a Guitar Set Up Guide ebook these past few months. I get a lot of emails with questions about setting up guitars. Truss rod adjustment, intonation, basic maintenance, etc. The constant flow of email questions has inspired me to create a guide that will help you guitarists to understand the set up process and provide you with the necessary information to maintain and set up your own guitar. There isn’t much harm you can do that cannot be corrected by an experienced tech if you goof up some adjustments. The only part of the set up process you have to be careful of is adjusting the truss rod. I go into detail about that in the guide and give some warnings before you attempt it.

The Guitar Set Up Guide will be broken down into four chapters or sections. Each will have photos and some videos to help provide you with as much info as possible. The process is the same that I have been using in my 300guitars Shop. I have refined the process over the past 20 years or so…..that’s a lot of guitars let me tell you!!! The price of the guide will be extremely reasonable so any guitarist at any level can have access to all the information. I am shooting for a September 15th release date. I am also planing a Ustream session after the release so I can answer any questions you may have about the guide.

I’d like to know what you all think about a detailed Guitar Set Up Guide and if there are any points or information you would like me to include. I will try to write it in and provide as much info as possible. So please leave comments or email me directly. Thank you very much!!!

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  • sounds great – ideas: using a chromatic tuner for intonation, upgrading mechanical parts, pros and cons of different bridge styles,

  • sounds great – ideas: using a chromatic tuner for intonation, upgrading mechanical parts, pros and cons of different bridge styles,

  • Dave MacLeod

    I think it is a great idea. Things I’d like to see in a setup guide… the best/correct order to tackle the jobs… Understanding how different playing styles can benefit from a different set up (i.e. slightly more neck relief if you’re heavy handed). Setting the break angle on a tune-o-matic style bridge. Working with a Bigsby or Floyd-Rose. Where to go for help if you get stuck. Adjusting pickup heights. Discussion of the relationship between truss rod adjustment and string gauge. How to replace/adjust nuts and saddles.

    • Anonymous

      The guide will have the set up process in order. The break angle on the TOM bridge is addressed. Floyd Rose will be another separate guide which I am already working on. I could include some Bigsby info. Come to me if you get stuck….email. Pickup height is covered. Some nut info is included but not how to replace them. That’s not part of a set up. This is more for set up and maintenence.

  • Setting up guitars is downright black magic voodoo to me. Anything to help shed light on best practices is immensely appreciated. Looking forward to it!