New BYOC FET Preamp

Cool pedal kit alert! If you are in a U2 cover band then this is the pedal kit for you. This kit is an almost dead on replica of the discontinued Boss FA-1 FET preamp made popular by the Edge. The difference between the BYOC kit and the Boss original is that the kit has true bypass switching so you can turn it on and off like a stompbox. The kit also includes Hitachi HA1457W opamps and a NOS Toshiba 2SK246 JFET which are the exact same semiconductors used in the original FA-1. The BYOC FET preamp has 26dB of gain with an extremely clean, crisp and snappy pick attack which will make your tube amp break up very easily. The 2-band Baxandall based EQ is extremely versatile that boosts & cuts treble and bass. It can also cut mids by simultaneously turning up the treble and bass contriols. As well as boosting mids by cutting treble and bass controls. The tone is entirely transparent with both knobs set at noon. According to the good folks at BYOC the FET PreAmp is an amazing tone tool that every player should have. It’s also a very easy build and only costs a fraction of the original. Original Boss units are in the $200.00 and up range when you can find them.

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