1959 GA-40 Gibson Les Paul Guitar Amplifier

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. An extremely clean and 100% original 1959 Gibson GA-40 Les Paul Amplifier. This amp was brought to a local music store that sends me out of warranty and vintage amplifiers for repair and restoration. The gentleman that owns it bought it in 1959 and from what I was told played it for a year or so and then was stored in his basement for the past nearly 50 years. Because the amp sat for so long without being used every capacitor in the amp was bad and had to be replaced. A 3-prong grounded AC cord was added and the brown lamp cord that connects the amp chassis to the footswitch had to be replaced as well. The owner wanted a new set of tubes and after a good servicing the amp came right to life. I have to say it sounded awesome! I was pleasantly surprised at the harmonically rich tone and one of the best sounding tremolo effects I’ve heard.

The story doesn’t end here. I’ll bet your wondering what guitar he purchased waaaay back in 1959. I’ll give you three guesses. Those of you who guessed a 1959 Gibson Les Paul sunburst are correct! I personally did not see the guitar but from what a few people told me it was in mint condition. The only thing that gave away that it was an old guitar was the dry looking tuner buttons.

Also from what I’m told the owner wants to get back into playing and has plans to play his guitar and amp once more. He’s not going to leave it under the bed or sell it off…..he’s going to play it! I think that’s wonderful because after all that’s what they were built for…..right?