Travis Bean Passes Away at 63

Innovative guitar maker Travis Bean passed away a few days ago. My friend Franklin Amiano brought this to my attention. I know its a few days late but as I always say “better late than later”.

Travis Bean came up with the idea for his guitars that featured an aluminum neck in his Burbank, California shop in the 1970’s. He actually stopped making them after only 5 years because his companies investors called for the prices to be lowered. At the time his guitars were priced around the $1,000.00 range and instead of compromising quality or cheapening the brand Bean decided to just stop production. His guitars were played by many famous artists including the Rolling Stones, Jerry Garcia and Stanley Jordan among others.

Bean died from a long battle with cancer in a Burbank hospital and is survived by his wife, children and grandchildren. His unique and innovative guitars will also survive for many lifetimes to come.

Click here to read more information in the Los Angeles Times article.