New Pennalizer For Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem!

Brian Fallon, guitarist of the band “The Gaslight Anthem” picked up his custom ordered Pennalizer 3×10 amp over the weekend. Brian is a super nice guy and knows exactly what he wants to hear and feel from a guitar amp. The amp design was based on the old 5E7 tweed covered Fender Bandmaster. Some of his requirements were that the amp have a smooth top end treble and a clear bottom end that doesn’t turn to mush. Brian tunes his guitars (mostly Tele’s :D) down a whole step to D so the bottom end has to stay clear. I used a special output transformer to accommodate the bottom end from the lower tuning and deviated from the original circuit in a few spots. Some of the other parts of the tonal recipe I incorporated were based on my experience to deliver what he wanted. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with him and he is a great artist! Check his band’s page below. Thanks a lot Brian for getting Pennalized!!!

Click here to visit The Gaslight Anthem web page.