The National Playing Pennalizers!

My man Pat Cusick sent me an email about a cool article about “The National” in Premier Guitar Magazine. In this article they mention that they are using a couple of my Pennalizer amps. I remember building the one 3×10 model some years ago for one of my dealers in NYC, 30th Street Guitars (which is a cool shop by the way). The second one I built was a 4×10 model and I dealt directly with the band for that build. There were some specifics they wanted for tone and cosmetics. I was also under a bit of a time crunch to get it ready for an upcoming tour they were preparing for. In the end it all worked out….I made the deadline and they were happy with the amp. Gotta love it when things work out..!! Super nice guys to deal with and a good band. Thanks for pointing this out Pat and thanks to the Dessner brothers for playing my amps and the mention in the article..!!

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