Practice With a Metronome!

Here is something that every musician should do…..practice with a metronome. It will keep you honest and build your timing.

I use a metronome to work out new solo’s I’m working on by starting very slowly. I actually find it more difficult to execute most of them slowly than at the tempo they are intended to be played at. I do not know why this is but I do know that after I can do the part I’m working on at a very slow tempo when I play it at the correct tempo it is easier to execute and cleaner.

Practicing with a metronome I’m finding is really helping me with my timing while my band the Inside Drivers in the studio working on our upcoming CD. My playing takes less effort and I feel the groove more which is important.

Any metronome can be used and I actually use one online because I don’t really own one..!! Here is the one I use: Online metronome. Whether you own one or us one online makes no difference….practicing will however make a big difference. Remember the old saying…..Q: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall”? A: “Practice”.

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