Amplitube For Recording?

Ok…so I’m in the studio working on an upcoming CD with my band the Inside Drivers. All is going well and we’re tracking along with good results. After the session I asked the studio owner/engineer (who is also our drummer) Steve Kelly if he had the program I heard of called “Amplitube”. It just so happened that he did have it and after the session I wanted to give it a whirl just to see how it would stack up to a real tube amp being mic’d.

Well….much to my surprise the program sounded and felt great..!! I was shocked because the digital guitar amp “modelers” and software I tried in the past just didn’t sound very good and had zero feel. Amplitube was a totally different animal and made the recording process much easier, faster and there were tons of amp and effect choices. The program also gives you a lot of control over each amp model, cabinet, room, mic placement so you can easily customize your sound. I was pleasantly surprised and decided to complete the CD of our Inside Drivers music using the Amplitube software. I consider myself somewhat of a tube amp purist but Amplitube really works and my tracks are sounding great. I will keep you all updated as the CD nears completion. Amplitube…..go figure..!!!

Click here to visit IK Multimedia for more information about Amplitube.