Cool CD Alert: Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America Volume 2 by Vinnie Zummo

Vinnie Zummo is at it again with his latest release called “Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America”. This is a follow up to his previous release back in 2006 of the same title which I guess is considered Volume 1 now. I made a post about it back in March of this year. Check it out here.

Vinnie is a super talented player and has worked withArt Garfunkel and Joe Jackson just to name a few. One of my personal favorites that Vinnie played guitar on is the “Tucker” movie soundtrack with Joe Jackson.

Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America Volume 2 is again an eclectic melding of musical styles. One minute you think you are listening to the Four Freshmen or Beach Boys the next you think it’s John Lennon and then on to some bebop jazz….amazing. As with the first album Vinnie takes you on a journey from style to style that you will recognize instantly and somehow he makes it all go together. Out of the 20 tracks some personal favorites include: Ravioli (Cajun style), About 116 (jazz), Slice & A Coke (swing), Count of Staten Island (gypsy jazz) and Two Shots of Heartache (country).

Vinnie pays homage to another batch of artists including Cream, the Beach Boys/Four Freshmen, the Beatles, John Lennon, the Rolling Stones and Roy Orbison. Vinnie dazzles with his guitar work and his arrangements keep you on your toes. I’d love to stick him in a room with Neal Innes and see what “Nasty” tunes they would come up with..LOL..!!! Anyway this would make a great Christmas gift this season…perfect in a guitar players stocking on Christmas morning. Awesome Vinnie..!!!

Click here to visit Vinnie Zummo’s Myspace for more info.

Click here to check out Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America and Vinnie’s other CD’s.

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