Creation Audio Labs Redeemer

Hey folks….just wanted to share a little project I had on my bench yesterday in my 300guitars Shop. A great local player, Anthony Rufo, brought me his Ibanez Strat to have a Creation Audio Labs “Redeemer” buffer installed. According to their website it was designed to “eliminate tone loss caused by the interaction of instrument electronics and the loading effect of the cable“.

The wiring was pretty simple. Just follow the easy to read instructions. The installation was not as simple because the electronics cavity on Anthony’s Strat was very shallow where the pots are. For some reason the body was produced like this. An American made Strat typically has a deep control cavity and the Redeemer plus the battery would have dropped right in. In this case I had to break out the router and remove some wood. I didn’t need to remove much and you can see in the pic where the battery now fits nicely is where the rout needed to be deeper.

The Redeemer then fit right in and the installation was a success….this patient will see another gig..!!! As far as the sound goes I noticed that the notes were clearer, stronger and when you rolled down the volume pot it stayed clear all the way. There was a noticeable increase in volume as well.

That’s all for this little project. We’ll see what today brings to the bench…a guitar repair, amp repair..? Ahh…all in the days work of a guitar and amp tech. See you guys back here again soon..!! –Billy

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