New Article: The Anatomy of an Eco Friendly Guitar Part 2 by Steve Casper

There is a cool new article on the Guest Guru’s page called “The Anatomy of an Eco Friendly Guitar Part 2 by Steve Casper”. In this article Steve talks about the details on building and Eco Friendly guitar which has… Continue Reading

Inside Drivers “Folsom Prison Blues” – Blueberry Hill, St. Louis

Here is a video clip of Folsom Prison Blues from our set at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis. The people were amazing and made us feel very welcome. After we did our thing the man Chuck Berry played a great… Continue Reading

New MOD102 Tube Guitar Amp Kit

The new MOD102 kit from is a cool place to start if you are interested in building your first tube guitar amp. All the parts are included pre-drilled aluminum chassis, wire and tubes (one 12AX7 and one EL84). The… Continue Reading

1967 Fender Super Reverb ASI

Here’s a look inside a 1967 blackface Fender Super Reverb. Pretty much stock (changed output transformer) and sounded great. There is a little jack cleaning tip in this video as well. [shop_ad]