Inside Drivers to Open for Chuck Berry in St. Louis!!!!

The Inside Dri­vers have been per­son­ally invited by the man him­self, Chuck Berry, to play the open­ing set at his monthly gig at Blue­berry Hill in St. Louis on Novem­ber 10th, 2010..!! We are both hon­ored and excited about this… Continue Reading

New BYOC True Bypass A/B Looper

The good folks over at BYOC have just released a true bypass looper with two channels in one small box (4.75″ x 2.6″). It can be used to preserve tone by adding true mechanical bypass to your non-true bypass effects.… Continue Reading

Amplified Musician (brought to you by Amplified Parts) is a website dedicated to showcase bands and their music. On the website you can create your own band profile, upload pictures, music, and link to band videos, as well as announce… Continue Reading

Amplifier Housekeeping 101

Check out the inside of this old Ampeg Reverberocket. Looks like it was with our troops in Afghanistan. So much dirt, dust and crud it’s a wonder it actually works. This amp needs a really good cleaning and some routine… Continue Reading