Eminence FDM Speakers First Impressions

I just received some brand new Eminence FDM (Flux Density Modulation) speakers for review. Anthony and Wetzel sent me two each of the Maverick and Reignmaker. I just got to trying these out and thought I’d briefly post my first impressions. A more formal in depth review and video will soon follow.

First of all the new FDM speakers are speakers that alter the magnetic flux of the speaker which in turn creates the ability to adjust the efficiency. Simply put…get to your gig and set your amp to where it sounds and feels great. Everything is cool until the bar owner (or sound guy) tells you that you’re just too loud. Instead of turning down the amp and losing that sweet spot where it starts to come alive or busting out an attenuator you can actually turn down the speaker..!! It’s like having a built-in attenuator on the back of the speaker. Cool.

I bolted up a Maverick and Reignmaker into a 2×12 cabinet and used a 40 watt head I built with an A/B box. Each speaker sounds really great with no attenuation. Maverick with a U.S.A. voice and Reignmaker with British voice. I turned up the amp to where it sounded and felt great. Then I started to mess with the attenuation. What most impressed me was that the speaker still sounded awesome just at a lower volume, still felt great and did not have a hint of that “fizzy” sound that you hear with some attenuators. I highly recommend these to anyone who has an amp that is often too loud to use on a gig. Now you can put that amp to use and still retain the sound and feel. These are a total win imo. More info to come soon.

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