New 300guitars Shop GSI and ASI!!

Have you ever watched any of those CSI shows on TV? I have not….but I heard they exist. Anyway I am going to incorporate some GSI and ASI videos on some of the projects in my 300guitars Shop.

Oh yeah….Guitar Scene Investigation and Amp Scene Investigation….GSI & ASI. In some instances a tech has to be like a detective to figure out what other techs have done in the past. This is particularly true with older vintage guitars and amps. Is the finish original? Was this neck re-set? Is that a replacement transformer? Etc. I gained a lot of experience when I worked as the tech for Outlaw Guitars back in the 90’s. I got to see and work on (not to mention play) so much great old vintage gear back then. In the vintage game originality and of course condition is #1. A part of a tech’s job is to look over the piece for originality and to try to determine if there is something not original what it is and why it was done. I remember a guy bringing me an old 1950’s Gibson ES-5 he wanted to buy. It was a great condition suburst beauty. Sounded and played great except for one thing. The strings favored one side of the fretboard. My job was to figure out why. I remember taking off the tailpiece and saw no extra holes drilled or filled so you immediately think it came from the factory like this. Then why would Gibson let something that’s obviously wrong pass QC? They wouldn’t..! Looking closer at the neck joint I was able to determine that the neck was reset and glued into the dovetail crooked! The actual reset was cosmetically great but being crooked it made the strings off center so the floating bridge had to favor one side which made the whole guitar look out of whack. Needless to say the customer did not buy the guitar because of this and the seller had to reduce the asking price in the end for the next interested party.

So I will shoot some GSI and ASI videos so we can all take a look at some of these things together. Some of the guitars and amps that have been repaired by numerous techs over the years never cease to amaze me. It’s actually a cool part of the job and I’m excited to share them with you..!!