300guitars Shop Summer Wrap Up

Well folks the summer has officially wrapped up here at the Jersey Shore and now it’s time to deal with the gear aftermath. For the working musician at the Jersey Shore the conditions can be rough on gear. One night you are playing in a very cool air-conditioned club that turns hot and sweaty in no time, the next afternoon you are outside on a patio in the blazing sun near the ocean. These extreme conditions can take their toll on your gear and now is the time to deal with it before the fall season gets under way.

At my 300guitars Shop I have been getting players bringing me guitars with fretboards that looks really gunky and cruddy. This build-up of sweaty gunk can actually dampen sustain and diminish harmonic content making your guitar sound dull and respond sluggishly. The fingerboard in the photo is not too bad but still could use a cleaning. I have also had to address some pitted frets, worn frets with flat tops instead of nice round crowns, worn saddles and nut slots. A strap button or two have come loose on a few guitars and just overall set ups have been in order.

Amps and electronic gear is another story. From all the extreme changes in temperature and outdoor gigs near the ocean I have noticed that jacks and connectors need to be cleaned. Sometimes potentiometers as well. Because of the high humidity and temperature swings condensation builds up inside the chassis which oxidizes mechanical connections. Another condition I have noticed is components becoming loose like speakers, back panels and even baffles. These need to be re-tightened.

These are some of the things I have been servicing for players down here at the Jersey Shore at my 300guitars Shop. Conditions can be tough on instruments and electronic gear so now is a good time to have your rig checked before the fall season kicks in.