New 300guitars “Shop-cam”!!

Brand new 300guitars “Shop-cam“!! I know you are probably asking yourself what the heck is that, right..? Well, I just installed a webcam in my shop and from time to time throughout the coming weeks I will be broadcasting live… Continue Reading

New MOD Oil Capacitors

CE Distribution has just released their new MOD Oil Capacitors. This new series of capacitors enhance the ability to get a great vintage sound giving your amp a natural smooth tone. The new MOD capacitors are oil impregnated dielectric capacitors… Continue Reading

Orange OD120 “ASI”

An ASI (Amp Scene Investigation) of a 1970’s Orange OD120 amp. There were some changes made inside and needs some repairs. After all the work is complete this amp should sound amazing..!!!

Finding “Your Sound”

I get a lot of emails from guitar players asking about how to get a certain guitar players sound. You know… a personal hero, a particular tone from a record and so forth. While there are ways to get close… Continue Reading

Eminence FDM Speakers First Impressions

I just received some brand new Eminence FDM (Flux Density Modulation) speakers for review. Anthony and Wetzel sent me two each of the Maverick and Reignmaker. I just got to trying these out and thought I’d briefly post my first… Continue Reading

New 300guitars Shop GSI and ASI!!

Have you ever watched any of those CSI shows on TV? I have not….but I heard they exist. Anyway I am going to incorporate some GSI and ASI videos on some of the projects in my 300guitars Shop. Oh yeah….Guitar… Continue Reading

300guitars Shop Summer Wrap Up

Well folks the summer has officially wrapped up here at the Jersey Shore and now it’s time to deal with the gear aftermath. For the working musician at the Jersey Shore the conditions can be rough on gear. One night… Continue Reading

New Joe Barden Modern T-Style Bridge Pickup

Barden Engineering has a brand new T-Style bridge pickup now available. This is a new “modern” version of the classic Barden recipe. The new modern version features a heavier coil winding for a more aggressive tone and beefy sound. Best… Continue Reading

New Article: The Anatomy of an Eco Friendly Guitar by Steve Casper

There is a cool new article on the Guest Guru’s page called “The Anatomy of an Eco Friendly Guitar by Steve Casper”. In this article Steve talks about the details on building and Eco Friendly guitar which has little or… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Amps Back in Stock!

ZT Lunchbox Amps are back in stock..!! It seems that the mighty little Lunchbox has been selling very well and it has been a bit difficult to keep up with the demand (a good problem to have these days). There… Continue Reading

Russo’s Music in Asbury Park, NJ Grand Opening!

A quick video tour of the brand new Russo’s Music at 639 Cookman Ave in Asbury Park, NJ. Scott Engel is the store manager so come on down and pay him a visit..!! Great store..!!!…

Asbury Park, NJ Music Scene Alive and Kicking!

The music scene down at the Jersey Shore in Asbury Park, NJ has been having a big resurgence recently. There are many new clubs that have live entertainment in the section of town that is being rebuilt. Two famous venues… Continue Reading

New Vox AC4TVmini

Vox has just released the new AC4TVmini. This extremely portable amp is based on the old AC4 from the 60’s. The construction is all tube featuring a 12AX7 preamp tube and an EL84 for the output tube. There is a… Continue Reading

New Voyage-Air 04 and 02 Series!

Ok folks there are two brand new series of the folding Voyage-Air travel guitars available. The 04 and 02 Series. The 04 Series features two models: VAMD-04 and and auditorium styles. Both models feature African mahogany back and sides,… Continue Reading

More 300guitars Favorites

Here are some more favorites….articles this time that have received a lot of attention from readers. Amplifier Loudness: Watts and Decibels Dust Caps: “The Deal on Dust Caps” by Anthony Lucas Fender Model Numbers and Their Meanings Hot-Rodding The New… Continue Reading