Celluloid Strat Pickguards Available!

Who has a real 60’s Strat with a replaced or cracked nitrate “green guard” and wants to make their guitar look as correct as possible? Well, instead of spending a ton of cash on an original guard that could have shrunk and warped over the years you can now get an extremely accurate reproduction from Lashing Guitars. Finally someone took the time and painstaking effort (not to mention the money) to create authentic Cellulose Nitrate pickguards..!!!

These are made from the real deal material with the correct thickness of .001″. No PVC used..!! This is as close as you can get folks. I wish they were available back in the 90’s when I was working as the tech at Outlaw Guitars. I could have used a bunch of them back then. The color is right on, thickness right on and the good folks at Lashing will even age one for you to match the condish of your guitar. These would also be great on relic guitars adding the finishing touch and adding that much more realism. This is the kinds of thing that jive me…it’s how I roll… Price? $239.00…aging is extra. Worth it imo. Now to see if they can do Tele guards… 🙂

Click here to visit Lashing Guitars for more information and ordering.