Vintage and Rare

My good friends over at Vintage and Rare have a really unique way of giving you access to lots of different vintage, rare, exotic, boutique and all around cool instruments.

Vintage and Rare.com is the premier mega-site for dealers and builders of vintage and rare instruments. They provide professional musical instrument dealers and builders with a place to have a virtual store and web presence on the net.

I will be collaborating a bit with Nicolai Schneekloth at Vintage and Rare on some things in the very near future so stay tuned to see what we have cookin’. In the meanwhile check out Vintage and Rare. There are some really cool guitars, amps and pedals (and other instruments) available from builders you may have never heard of. You can search by Instrument, Dealer, Builder and also by country. Warning…have some free time on your hands because there is a lot of gear to peruse….don’t say I didn’t warn you..!!!

Click here to visit Vintage and Rare.