New Mod Kits “The Enticer” Pedal

If you are like me and are interested in doing a project, Mod Kits has a limited edition tube overdrive kit called “The Enticer” This tube overdrive pedal kit is based around a new-old-stock original RCA 12AU7A vacuum tube. It can get from a nice warm, clean sound with subtle overdrive all the way on up to full out compressed overdrive distortion. Only 30 of these limited edition kits will be available..!!

Mod Kits were created to give both the novice and experienced musician an opportunity to build their own guitar amps and effects pedals. Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions and also feature point-to-point wiring. Enclosures are pre-drilled and all parts are included. You only need a few hand tools, soldering iron, solder and a 9V battery. This might just make a nice after-summer project. Hmmm…

Click here for more info and ordering the Mod Kits Enticer.