ZT Lunchbox Extension Cabinets Back in Stock!!

The wait is finally over.. The ZT Lunchbox Extension Cabinets are back in stock..!!! The first production run sold out very quickly so if you did not get one and still want to beef up your Lunchbox now you can. The Extension Cabinet is the same size as the ZT Lunchbox Amplifier with a sealed back and features the same 6.5″ proprietary speaker.

The ZT Lunchbox Extension Cabinet weighs in at 7lbs and is rated for 100 watts max with an impedance of 8 ohms. This cabinet is specifically designed to be used with Lunchbox products only. It has a single 1/4″ jack and a phase switch for “accuracy in any situation”.

The retail price is still $99.00 including free shipping within the continental U.SA.

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