Announcing the ZT Lunchbox Photo Contest Winner!

We ran a contest that started on July 2nd for a free ZT Lunchbox amplifier. We asked everyone to send in a photo of themselves rockin’ out with their guitar. On August 5th the top 12 entries were posted and then you guys voted on them to determine who’s photo was the best. Well….here are the results..!!!

Michael Eisenstein

Congratulations go to Michael Eisenstein!! You guys voted and he’s is the winner of the ZT Lunchbox Photo contest!! Michael wins a free ZT Lunchbox Amplifier..!! I love this shot of Michael catching some air with his beloved ’59 LP Junior. Note the Traynor and transition Fender Bassman rig in the background…rock & roll baybay..!!!

Jerome Buniet

Second Runner Up is Jerome Buniet. He wins a 300guitars.com T-shirt..!! I really dig the way Jerome looks as he’s sending it here..!!

Joe Koenig

Third Runner Up is Joe Koenig. Joe also wins a 300guitars.com T-shirt. This is a great shot of Joe onstage…love the deep concentration and lighting..!!

So that’s it my friends. I want to thank all of you who submitted photos and all who voted on them. This was a real blast for me to check all you guys out rockin’ with your guitars. I plan on doing some more contests in the future so check back often or get over to my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter for the latest and greatest. Thanks again and hope to see you all soon..!!!