British Amplifiers Set to Reissue Watkins Dominator Amp!!

British Amplifiers is set to reissue the Watkins Dominator V-front amplifier. Charlie Watkins of WEM Watkins has signed a licensing agreement with British Amplifiers to produce just 100 of these iconic amplifiers with each one personally signed by Charlie Watkins.

The new reissue Dominator will be exactly like the original but will comply to modern safety standards. The smallest cosmetic details have not been overlooked and even the control knobs have been recreated. Custom transformers have been cloned from the originals to preserve the Dominator tone.

The new Dominator like the original features a push-pull 17 watt circuit and will also feature new Electro Acoustic Limited 15 watt speakers based on the original ELAC’s. These speaker will be an upgrade with the standard speakers being Celestion G10 models.

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