The Inside Drivers Are Here!!!

Hi everybody..!!! I always get a lot of emails, tweets and Facebook messages asking me if there is any of my music online or information about my band. Well, I’m here to tell you that now you can check out my band “The Inside Drivers” online. The band is brand new and features myself on guitar, Charlie Mack on guitar/vocals, Alan Gowa on bass and Steve Kelly on drums. I have worked with Alan in the past and Charlie is my cousin who is the guy that actually inspired me to play guitar in the first place..LOL!!! We were in a band back the early 90’s called the Barnstormers…a three piece rockabilly outfit. During that time we recorded with Dave Sharp of the Alarm and toured extensively for his solo album entitled “Hard Traveling” produced by Bob Johnston (Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, etc). So here we are makin’ music again almost 20 years later..!!

The Inside Drivers are heavily influenced by rockabilly, classic country, early rock & roll and the blues. Most of the material we are working on are covers of legendary tunes by some of our favorite artists and heroes. Some of them include; Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, John Fogerty, The Band, Eddie Arnold, Jerry Lee Lewis and many of the other Sun artists…just to name a few. There is so much great music..!!

Currently we are rehearsing and will play our first gig this Saturday night, July 24th (see our website or Facebook page for details). Both Charlie and I are also going through the archives of songs we have written over the years as well as taking time for writing sessions for some new material. This fall will find us in the studio recording our first album for release shortly thereafter….no messing around with tracks, looping or computer “Tom Foolery”. Our music is “gas n go”…what you see is what you hear basically. There are also some really cool things in the works for the Inside Drivers for 2011 so stay tuned..!!

I appreciate all of you guys who visit me here at 300guitars and would ask you to please Like the Inside Drivers on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. I would greatly appreciate it and this way you can keep up with all of the Inside Drivers action. Thank you all very much for visiting me and being a part of 300guitars..!!!

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