New Fender Limited Edition Snake Head Telecaster!

The new Fender Limited Edition “Snake Head” Telecaster model is now available..!! This is a Custom Shop creation replicating the first Tele prototype that was produced in the summer of 1949. Legend has it that good ol’ Uncle Leo and… Continue Reading

Eminence FDM Speakers Available Soon!

Attention….attention..!!! The new Eminence Flux Density Modulation speakers will be available very soon..!!! I just received word that they are in production and I will have a more definitive availability date soon. I tried both the Reignmaker at the 2010… Continue Reading

British Amplifiers Set to Reissue Watkins Dominator Amp!!

British Amplifiers is set to reissue the Watkins Dominator V-front amplifier. Charlie Watkins of WEM Watkins has signed a licensing agreement with British Amplifiers to produce just 100 of these iconic amplifiers with each one personally signed by Charlie Watkins.… Continue Reading

The Inside Drivers – Little Sister

Here is a video of my brand new band the Inside Drivers doing the classic Elvis tune Little Sister. This video was shot at the Shark Fin Inn by Kelly Dougherty. Thanks Kelly..!! This was our first gig with many… Continue Reading

John Jorgenson on Gypsy Jazz

There is a really cool interview with John Jorgensen on the Guitar Player magazine website. I first became aware of John’s playing from his work with the Hellecasters and the Desert Rose Band. I played that first Hellecasters disc over… Continue Reading

Sanyo eneloop Pedal Juice

Now I’ve seen everything….a battery to power battery powered effects..!! What will they think of next..! My man Phil Caivano of Monster Magnet turned me on to this new effects power supply made by Sanyo. It is called the eneloop… Continue Reading

NY Amp Show Photo Gallery

My right hand man Todd Hamilton just posted a gallery of pics from the 2010 NY Amp Show (held in NJ) produced by Loni Specter. There are a ton of pics from the show taken by the lovely and talented… Continue Reading

Brad Paisley’s Flooded Gear

Here is a photo of one of Brad Paisley’s guitars that was damaged from the flood down in Nashville back in early May. Brad and so many other artists lost a lot of gear due to the torrential flooding. Many… Continue Reading

The Inside Drivers Are Here!!!

Hi everybody..!!! I always get a lot of emails, tweets and Facebook messages asking me if there is any of my music online or information about my band. Well, I’m here to tell you that now you can check out… Continue Reading

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

My man Alan Gowa sent me this pic. Kinda like finding out there is no Easter Bunny or something…. The band is called Immortal in case ya’ll were wondering. Sure makes the load-in and load-out easier..!!!

Get Connected with Gibson Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz

Whoa…it looks like Gibson is opening up a new forum called Get this….the new forum will allow players to engage directly with chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz.  Gibson says: “The forum will be a venue for serious discussion on… Continue Reading

Less is More- Back to Basics

Did you ever get to a point where your pedalboard has grown so crowded that you look like your doing the Mexican hat dance all night trying to execute pedal moves? Sometimes we get caught up with G.A.S. (gear acquisition… Continue Reading

Spring Reverb Tanks Explained

Kurt Prange over at Amplified Parts has a really great and in depth article about the inner workings of reverb tanks, In this article Kurt breaks down the many parts of the tank, outlines a few reverb circuits and gives… Continue Reading

New Recording King Lap Steel Guitar

The new Recording King Lap Steel model couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. I have been playing a little bit of lapsteel lately and this new model looks interesting. The Recording King Lap Steel guitar is made of solid… Continue Reading

Current Production 12AX7 Comparison Chart

There is a simple straightforward chart with notes and comparisons of many current production 12AX7 tubes over on the Amplified Parts site. Each current production 12AX7 on the chart has information about the gain structure and noise rating as well… Continue Reading