NY Amp Show Mercury Magnetics Transformer Set Winner!

Congratulations go out to Bob Schachner for winning the free set of Mercury Magnetics Transformers!!! We gave out flyers at the door at the NY Amp Show with a special code for all attendees to register for the free set… Continue Reading

NY Amp Show East Amplification Club 18 Demo

Here is a demo if Jeff Bober’s Club 18 amp. This model is the head and separate 1×10 cabinet. Sounds awesome..!!!!

New Gibson Les Paul 50s Studio Tribute

Maybe Gibson is moving in the right direction with this Les Paul 50s Studio Tribute series of guitars. Priced at $1399.00 is a whole lot more affordable than some of the recent models that were introduced. The new model features… Continue Reading

NY Amp Show Jeff Bober Interview

Here is an interview with Jeff Bober of East Amplification. He talks about his 2 watt amp, the new 18 watt and his new combos. Definite LIKE..!!!

Have We Been Listening to the “King of the Delta Blues” at the Wrong Speed?

My man Alan Gowa does it again and turns me on to a cool but somewhat alarming article. According to musicologists we have been listening to Robert Johnson’s recordings all these decades about 20% faster than the way they were… Continue Reading

NY Amp Show Darin Ellingson Interview

Darin Ellingson talks about his D’Art amp model. Sounds and feels a bit like an older Hiwatt but with more dynamics and a bit more texture. It rocked through the 4×12 cabinet I have to tell you..!!!! Click here to… Continue Reading

New Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum Power Amp

Electro Harmonix is releasing a new 44 watt guitar amplifier in a pedal sized package. The new 44 Magnum is based on their 22 Caliber. The 44 Magnum has a broad power range with lots of headroom. You can drive… Continue Reading

NY Amp Show Richard Goodsell Interview

Here is a quick interview with Richard Goodsell talking about his two new models; The Dominatrix and the Valpreaux. Two really cool amps..!! You can view video demos of both new models on my Youtube channel by clicking here.

NY Amp Show 2010!

Well folks….what a weekend at the 2010 NY Amp Show produced by Loni Specter!! Lots of really cool amps and guitars to be sampled and all of the builders I talked to were very friendly and giving of their time.… Continue Reading

New Victoria “Ivy League” Amplifier

The Victoria Amplifier Company has just released the new “Ivy League” amplifier model. It is based on the vintage 5F10 Fender Harvard circuit. The original Harvard amp featured three inputs, Volume & Tone controls, a 6AT7 preamp tube, a pair… Continue Reading

NY Amp Show This Weekend!!!!

Ok everybody…here we go..!! The NY Amp Show is this weekend on June 5th and 6th and I will be there checking out all the brands and working on my tinitus..!! The show is located at the Embassy Suites Hotel… Continue Reading

Guitar Scale Magnets

Guitar Scale Magnets products are designed for beginner and intermediate guitarists to help learn and familiarize themselves with scales and scale shapes. Playing the guitar is”visual” and one truly learns to grasp scales and scale shapes by focusing on the… Continue Reading

Gibson Guitars & Relentless Energy Create the Stunning SG Relentless

Gibson Guitars has teamed up with Relentless Energy to create a unique guitar called the “SG Relentless” – a priceless guitar made from a mahogany body layered with designs then lacquered and polished to a high shine. Other features include… Continue Reading