Personal Gripe With the BP Oil Spill

Alright, this post is a little off topic but I have a personal gripe with the BP oil spill. You see many of my close friends here in New Jersey know me and call me by my initials…..BP. So now every time one of my buds calls me BP it makes me think of this enormous oil spill down in the Gulf of Mexico..!! Hey..I can’t help it if those are my initials, right? I am just waiting now for all the BP oil jokes to come my way…

Anyway…all kidding aside this spill is tragic and I feel terrible for all of the helpless wildlife and botanical marine life that have fallen prey to this event as well as the negative effect on human lives. I know that we need the oil for many reasons but there has to be a safer way to get it while protecting the environment. This could be a can of worms conversation so please leave comments here.

Click here to visit the National Wildlife Federation for information on how to help.