NY Amp Show Review 2010

The NY Amp Show produced by Loni Specter was great again this year. I had my right hand man Todd Hamilton with me and he had his hands full keeping me contained from the over stimulation of gear, loud guitars and great people!!

I love going to these shows and sampling all the goodies that the builders bring. I like to approach these events as a sort of “wine tasting” for musicians. I wonder if Gary Vaynerchuk decided to play guitar he would approach these events like this? Hmm…

Anyway,….lots of familiar faces, super nice builders, awesome gear and a splendid time was had by all. My ears are still ringing a bit and I’m starting to get pumped for Loni’s show in LA this October..!! Maybe Loni can incorporate an Oktoberfest theme this year….whatdya say Loni?? Lederhosen anyone?

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