Billy Penn’s 300guitars: Expanding the Brand!!!

Ok folks here’s the deal… I am a working musician, guitar tech, amp tech and every now and then a custom amp builder. I have kept a very small core client list over the years and operated my shop as well as 300guitars from my home. My clients that I kept were mostly close friends and some real friendly customers from my days working in various (as well as my own) guitar shops.

I have had many, many inquiries by players about servicing and modding their guitars and amps. In light of this I have moved my business to a public space at 182 Broadway Long Branch, NJ 07740. In this new space I can now work with some of the players that want me to service or mod their gear. I have extensive experience in all aspects of guitar and amplifier service. It is another one of my passions.

With this expansion of my brand I can have more hands-on engagement with players and their instruments which will help generate some very interesting content for 300guitars. I will be able to shoot more video content on some DIY stuff and tips for maintaining your own gear.

Another door I am opening up with this expansion is I will be getting products from the brands I am affiliated with (and not affiliated with) for players to try out. Some brands do not have a place where their products can be heard in this area so it will benefit both the brand and the player. These demos will be set up by appointment and I will personally be there for each demo.

Lastly the building I am in has three recording studios in it. One main very large and VERY well equipped studio and two smaller ones. The main studio is called Shorefire Recording Studios owned and operated by Joe DeMaio who has been a personal friend of mine for many years. He is an awesome engineer as well as a great guitar player. I will be making some posts about his studio and some of the projects he is working on. He will also be able to contribute some cool content about working in the studio, tracking guitars and so forth. I will have a constant traffic flow of musicians through the doors and I’m looking forward to meeting every one of you..!!!

I have some really cool and unique things planned that I will let you in on as the rest of 2010 unfolds. I am SUPER PUMPED about this and would love to get your feedback. Leave me some comments here and I want to thank everyone for visiting me here at 300guitars each and every day…!!! You guys mean more to me than you know and I appreciate your support..!!! -Billy