Guitar Scale Magnets

Guitar Scale Magnets products are designed for beginner and intermediate guitarists to help learn and familiarize themselves with scales and scale shapes. Playing the guitar is”visual” and one truly learns to grasp scales and scale shapes by focusing on the proving ground which is the fretboard. The best way to learn where scale shapes originate along the entire fretboard is to literally map out the locations and that is what Guitar Scale Magnets products do.

Guitar Scale Magnet scale strips are intended to be used as finger locators on where scale box patterns begin in relationship to the low E string of the guitar. A mild adhesive flexible “base” strip is applied to the top edge of the fretboard which in turn accepts the magnetic “scale” strip. The “scale” strip spans the entire length of the fretboard and instantly identifies where all the scale box patterns begin for that particular key. The player can remove both the “scale” and “base” strips when finished playing.

Guitar Scale Magnets currently offer three products at the present time and are designed for guitars that have neck scale lengths of 25.5″ which include 12 Major Scale strips that identify where the major scale mode shapes begin for all keys, 12 Pentatonic Scale Strips that identify where all major and minor pentatonic shapes begin and Learn the Fretboard and Tab Strips which shows the player the notes for each guitar string as well and assistance when learning songs by tablature.

These look pretty cool and could probably be a big help for a player that is getting into learning the scales….

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