Home Recording Weekly Song Writing Contest

My man Steve Kern over at the Home Recording Weekly blog is running a song writing contest.The winner of the contest will win two great prizes: IK Multimedias’ Groovemaker and IK Multimedia’s’ Amplitube 3!! All you have to do is… Continue Reading

Mod Kits DIY

Mod Kits are DIY amp and pedal kits that are designed to give the novice or experienced musician the opportunity to build their own amp and effect pedals.  Each kit comes with instructions that are easy to follow and use… Continue Reading

NY Amp Show June 5th & 6th!!!

The NY Amp Show produced by Loni Specter will be held on June 5th & 6th at the Embassy Suites in Piscataway, NJ. I am one of the sponsors and will be there both days sampling all the amps and… Continue Reading

Intex Guitar Cables

Robbie Calvo just made me aware of these high quality guitar cables made by Intex. Robbie and Phil Bradbury of Little Walter amps swear by these. Now we all know that Robbie is a pro and I can tell you… Continue Reading

300 Tip: Working on Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards. We love them because they can make amplifier production faster, easier and consistent. We hate them because if you are not careful you can burn up a circuit trace making a simple component tweak a repair job…yay.… Continue Reading

Isabella Selder – Sonata op.3/1 by Niccolò Paganini

This clip of Isabella Selder was brought to my attention by a wonderful guitarist, Pauline France. I have been following Pauline on Twitter and if you like you can follow her as well: @pauline_france. Anyway, this is a departure from… Continue Reading

Question of the Day: What Tubes Do You Recommend?

“Hey Billy…what tubes do you recommend”? This should be the question of almost every day because I get tons of emails about which tubes to use. I think a lot of players get confused with brands and numbers, NOS, etc.… Continue Reading

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo

Loni Specter the founder of The Amp Show sent me a link to this video. This is the Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo. It looks like a cool piece of gear. Pretty high tech for a guy like me but… Continue Reading

Danny Gatton – Redneck Jazz Explosion

This footage is awesome..!!! Early Danny Gatton Redneck Jazz Explosion with Buddy Emmons on pedal steel. It’s a little weird for me to see Danny with a beard and Les Paul….his playing is off the chain as usual. Enjoy..!!

Virtual Guitar Builder

My man Alan Gowa sent me this link the other day on company time….shhh. I won’t say anything..!! Anyway some of you may know about this site. I know I sure do and have probably built every style Telecaster there… Continue Reading

Well It’s Flooding Down in Nashville…

Well, by now you have all probably heard about the flooding in Nashville, TN. It’s all over the internet, on the news and the stars that live in Nashville have been tweeting updates and pictures. It is a complete disaster… Continue Reading

Bb Jump Blues Diminished Lick

Here is another part of that Jump Blues video I shot a while back. leftystrat62 was asking about some of the parts along with a few other people. This is a Setzer inspired diminished lick that works very well for… Continue Reading

Bugera Amps Factory Tour

Call me crazy but I like to watch the manufacturing process….especially for musical gear. Enjoy..!!

New Article: “The Deal on Dust Caps” by Anothny Lucas

Anthony Lucas is the head of Technical Support at Eminence speakers. I sent him over some questions about the dust cap you see in the center of a speaker. I had an idea that they helped shape the sound to… Continue Reading

Demeter Compulator Pro

Demeter has released the Compulator Pro pedal. Same sound as the original Compulator but it has added features. There are controls for Attack and Release which determines how quickly (or slowly) the compressor turns on and off. If you set… Continue Reading