Mercury Magnetics: Free Transformer Service For Nashville Flood Amps

If your amp was damaged in the Nashville floods listen up..!! The good folks over at Mercury Magnetics are offering a free service for amps that suffered water damage.

The free service includes; inspection and testing of each transformer, a custom process developed by Mercury Magnetics to evacuate the moisture and lastly re-varnishing of any transformer without charge!! All you have to do is pay the shipping both ways…that’s a great deal for players who own some rare and vintage amps. This process can save the original transformer which contributes to each amps individual and unique voice.

Mercury Magnetics also advises against firing up am amp damaged by the flood waters because doing so may cause the transformer to short out which can be very dangerous and at that point require a re-wind or replacement.

This is a great service provided by Mercury Magnetics. I have been affiliated with them for about 8 years and this is par for the course for the type of quality and service that they provide. Mercury is a great company to deal with and all of their products are outstanding..!!

Click here to visit Mercury Magnetics for more information.