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Mod Kits are DIY amp and pedal kits that are designed to give the novice or experienced musician the opportunity to build their own amp and effect pedals.  Each kit comes with instructions that are easy to follow and use point-to-point wiring.  All enclosure are pre-drilled with all necessary  parts included.  You just need to provide hand tools, soldering iron and solder.  The effect pedal kitss operate on a 9V battery. There are four DIY pedal kits and one tube amp kit to choose from. Here are the kits:

MOD 101 Guitar Amp Kit – 60 watts of tube power using either 6L6 tubes or EL34 tubes.  There are also 32 different variations of the circuit to suit your tonal preferences.

The Rattler Pedal Kit This is an easy to build kit that has the 60’s and 70’s fuzz sound.

The Piledriver Pedal Kit A clean boost kit with up to 38dB of gain.  It can be used to push your preamp into overdrive or as a line driver to remedy signal degradation from a long effects chain.

The Verb Pedal Kit Build your own digital reverb pedal.  Get sweet, warm reverb tone using the Belton Digi-Log module.

And the newest addition to the line:

The Persuader Pedal Kit Make your own tube pre-amp pedal built around a real 12AX7 tube.  Go from clean warm to smooth tube overdrive.

I played the MOD 101 Guitar Amp Kit at last year’s NY Amp Show and it sounded great and had a nice punchy feel to it.

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