Mercury Magnetics: Free Transformer Service For Nashville Flood Amps

If your amp was damaged in the Nashville floods listen up..!! The good folks over at Mercury Magnetics are offering a free service for amps that suffered water damage. The free service includes; inspection and testing of each transformer, a… Continue Reading

Willie Nelson Cuts His Hair!!

It’s all over the web… Willie Nelson has cut off his signature braided pigtails..!! No definitive known reason is known for the make over but I guess at 77 years old and being Willie Nelson you really don’t need a… Continue Reading

New BYOC Orange Distortion Pedal Kit

The new BYOC (Build Your Own Clone) Orange Distortion kit is based on the vintage Boss DS-1 pedal from the 1980’s. The original DS-1 pedal is different than the ones made today. Just like the original DS-1 the BYOC kit… Continue Reading

New Article: Green Power Options by Steve Casper

There is a cool new article on the Guest Guru’s page called “Green Power Options” by Steve Casper. In this article Steve talks about different types of batteries that we guitar players use for effects and other accessories. He also… Continue Reading

Cigar Box Nation

Ever wonder about those funky looking 3-string cigar box guitars? I know I’m curious about them. But where can you go to get information about these strange but familiar looking instruments..?? A friend on Facebook (and 300guitars visitor), Carl Pepka, … Continue Reading

Cool Off-Brand Amp Thread on The Gear Page

My man Alan Gowa is at it again sending me another cool thread from The Gear Page. This thread is all about off-brand amps….all types of vinage models. Brands like Supro, Silvertone, Danelectro, Alamo, etc. Not your typical Fender, Marshall,… Continue Reading

New Article: Gibson Historic vs Vintage P-90 Pickup Routes by Jim Pasch

Here is another cool article by our Vintage Guitar Guru Jim Pasch of the Parts Drawer. In this article Jim talks about swapping out P-90 pickups in a Historic Gibson Les Paul Special or Junior. This should be a really… Continue Reading

New Lovepedal RedHead Pedal

Introducing the new Lovepedal RedHead….a high gain monster of a pedal. From the Lovepedal website: “Experience a pedal about to explode. Effortless feedback generation. Incredible gain and amazing tone. Controllable mids in high gain applications”. I have played some of… Continue Reading

Fender: The Golden Age 1946-1970

The new book Fender: The Golden Age 1946-1970 is now finally available..!! This looks like an awesome book and I want one now..!! Most people that visit me here know I am a Fender Tele guy (nut) and love all… Continue Reading

How I Break a Playing Rut

Do you ever find yourself in a playing rut? You know..playing the same licks over and over not even knowing that your playing is getting a little stale? Then one day you either hear a recording of yourself from a… Continue Reading

Grid 1 Offers AC Only Version of the G1

Grid 1 is now offering their G1 amplifier model in an AC version only. That’s right..! You get the same great sounding amp but without the battery option. The amplifier without the battery option sets the price of the amp… Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan Interview

There is a really cool video interview over on the Guitarnoize blog. There are 4 parts and Seymour talks about all kinds of pickups and designs as well as some of the artists he has worked with over the years.… Continue Reading

Eminence Red Fang 10 Speaker Review

[shop_ad]There is a review of the Eminence Red Fang 10 speaker on the Reviews page along with a video demo clip. This speaker sounded absolutely huge in my 1980’s Fender Super Champ! Rated for 50 watts @ 8 ohms the… Continue Reading

Nashville Flood Damage Pics

Well the floods in Nashville are receding and Soundcheck Nashville is taking inventory of the damage to the millions of dollars worth of gear from the muddy flood waters. Below is a link to some pics of the damage done… Continue Reading

Danny Gatton – Since I Fell For You

This is a little bit of a rough video clip of Danny Gatton playing Since I Fell For You. I think a lot of people think of Danny as a country or rockabilly player…which he was but he was so… Continue Reading