ZT Lunchbox Acoustic Demo

Here is another quick clip of the new ZT Lunchbox Acoustic amp. This amp is really versatile, sounds great and also has a lot of fun factor to it. Note: There is a slight sizzle sound at the end of… Continue Reading

Liquid Metal Guitars

Phil Cook the owner of Liquid Metal Guitars is making some pretty unique instruments up there in Vancouver B.C. His guitars are made from one piece of 6061, T6 aircraft aluminum. After the basic shape is cut with a CNC… Continue Reading

New Maxon SM-9 Super Metal and ST-9 Super Tube Pedals!!

New Maxon SM-9 Super Metal and ST-9 Super Tube Pedals are being released by Godlyke, Inc. These two pedals were introduced in the early1980’s and are in demand by players. They are now available with improved circuitry and features such… Continue Reading

New ZT Lunchbox Acoustic Amp Now Available!!

Ok everyone the brand new ZT Lunchbox Acoustic is now available!!! The wait is finally over and they are now in stock. I have had one for about 6 weeks or so now and I’ve been trying all sorts of… Continue Reading

Gibson Guitars Owes IRS Nearly $450k!!!

Here’s an interesting story about Gibson owing the IRS about $450k..!!! Looks like they are facing a tax lien, penalties and interest on the income and payroll taxes they owe. Don’t forget the  federal raid over rare wood and  allegations… Continue Reading

New Article: The State of the Vintage Guitar Market by Jim Pasch

There is a new article on the Guest Guru’s page by Jim Pasch of The Parts Drawer. The article is called “The State of the Vintage Guitar Market” and Jim brings us up to speed with what’s going on with… Continue Reading

New Guest Guru’s Page!!!!

Howdy everybody. I am proud to announce that I have just created a brand new page here at 300guitars called the “Guest Guru’s” page. On this special page you will find some contributions from some really interesting and knowledgeable people… Continue Reading

Output Transformer Upgrade

I have a cool little 1980’s Fender Super Champ. It’s one of the amp models that was designed by Paul Rivera. This little guy puts out about 18 watts through a single 10″ speaker. It also features Reverb and an… Continue Reading

Truss Rod vs No Truss Rod Necks

While cruising the internet and making pit stops at some of my favorite guitar sites and blogs I came across a really cool post by JP over at the Stratoblogster. His post was about some Masterbuilt Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster’s… Continue Reading

Banjo Roll Lick Video

This is a really cool “banjo” type lick that you can use in country, rockabilly, swing and jump blues tunes. You have to get the right hand pattern down and then you can play the lick and expand on it.… Continue Reading

Taylor Guitars Adds 12-Fret Model to Specialty Line

Taylor’s new 12-Fret Model was inspired by Taylor’s 35th anniversary in late 2009. A series of commemorative guitars in ultra-limited quantities including a 12-fret Grand Concert model were built. The guitar’s unique sound prompted the design of a rosewood/spruce 12-fret… Continue Reading

Fender vs G&L Necks: Aren’t They Interchangeable?

Every now and then I get an email or two from players asking about putting a Fender neck on a G&L guitar. Some of the G&L guitars have pretty thin necks and it is not easy to obtain a replacement… Continue Reading

Newport Guitar Festival April 16-18!!

If you are into guitars and amplifiers and looking for something to do this weekend in the Hollywood, Florida area then go to the Newport Guitar Festival! The event will be held at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.… Continue Reading

Juha Ruokangas on Moose Shin Bone for Guitar Nuts

While I was at the 2010 NAMM Show I had the pleasure of meeting Juha Ruokangas of Ruokangas guitars. I am a big fan of Juha’s work and it was an absolute thrill for me to meet him and spend… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Acoustic Available on 4-21-10!!!

Ok friends the brand new ZT Lunchbox Acoustic Amplifier should be available on 4-21-10…!! That’s right!!! It’s a cool little versatile amp with great sound and plenty of volume. I did some demo’s and a few live gigs with this… Continue Reading