Milbert Amplifiers GAGA-50

Check this out.. Milbert Amplifiers GAGA-50 is an all tube amp that weighs in at 5lbs and is rated for 50 watts!!!  That’s 10 watts per pound…!!!

How in the world is this possible? The Milbert amp uses their patented ZOTL technology to perform this amazing feat of weight to power ratio. This is brand new technology.

Some of the amazing features include: Use any octal output tube, no bias adjustment, tube matching not required, auto standby, world power ready (use 90v-240v AC and no output impedance restriction.

This one is a little difficult to wrap my head around I have to tell you. All the guitar amps I have ever owned, worked on or built were nothing like this…ever!!! I would love to give one a whirl. The kicker is that Milbert Amplifiers was at the NAMM show back in January and I did no know…. Ow well maybe next year..!!! Anyway check out the Milbert site for yourself and take a look at all the details…

Click here to visit the Milbert site for more information.