Cool Dan Armstrong Site!!!

My man Alan Gowa hipped me to a very cool website about Dan Armstrong. I think Dan is best known for his clear Lucite guitars and basses. He did a bunch of other cool stuff and products as well.

This site was started in 2001 by Mark Schnoor and has been a long labor of love. There is a ton and I do mean a ton of information about Dan Armstrong, his life, products and schematics plus a whole lot more.

This website is a great resource and is great to read. You can learn a lot about the man and all of his creations. There are a bunch of really cool photos of Keith Richards as well…!!!! I have worked on these guitars in the past when I was the repair tech for Jim Pasch at Outlaw Guitars and they are very unique instruments. They have a sound all their own as well. Check it out…!!

Click here to visit Dan Armstrong – The Man and His Guitars.