Vintage Oddity: Rare Tweed Fender Deluxe Owned by Henry Gross

Henry Gross with his rare tweed Fender Deluxe amp.

My friend and expert amplifier repair/restoration man Larry Rodgers got a most unusual vintage tweed Fender Deluxe into his shop recently. He knows how I like to “geek out” on things like this so he sent me up an email with some pics. Not only is this amp rare (possibly the only one ever…?) but it is owned by Henry Gross. If you don’t know Henry you might remember his hit song “Shannon” from the 70’s. Henry is a super cool guy and loves vintage guitars and amps as well as being one heckuva songwriter and player. In this short interview with Henry he tells us a little bit about this rare gem. There is also a short commentary from Larry about it. How rare is this amp…?

Click here to read the interview with Henry Gross about his rare tweed Fender Deluxe amp.