New Article: The State of the Vintage Guitar Market by Jim Pasch

There is a new article on the Guest Guru’s page by Jim Pasch of The Parts Drawer. The article is called “The State of the Vintage Guitar Market” and Jim brings us up to speed with what’s going on with vintage guitars these days.

Jim Pasch has been in the vintage guitar business for over 20 years. His family has been in the music business for generations. His grandfather Frank Gregory who owned Gregorys Music Store in Plainfield N.J. was the first Fender Guitar dealer in N.J.!!

Jim opened his first vintage guitar store “Outlaw Guitars” in the late 1980’s and earned the reputation as an honest and knowledgeable person. The store specialized solely in vintage and used American guitars and soon became one of the most reputable sellers in the business.  Outlaw Guitars was one of the first store’s to see the future of the internet and actually was one of the first to have a website!

After selling the business in 1997 he opened Hoboken Vintage Guitar’s in Hoboken N.J. Again specializing in vintage American guitars. With a huge international clientele as well as domestic sales Jim’s reputation and excellence was now a very well known name. Auction houses and insurance companies call upon his expertise to authenticate vintage guitars.

In the 2004 Jim set out on another venture selling vintage guitar parts. Seeing the need for this from the endless e mails about vintage parts, he started “The Parts Drawer” specializing only in vintage guitar parts. Within 2 years The parts Drawer became the largest vintage guitar parts site on the internet. Because of his extensive experience The Parts Drawer is a very trusted resource for authentic vintage parts.

In 2009 Jim gave Hoboken Vintage guitars to his long time friend and associate and moved on heading full time into the vintage parts business. Jim is available to answer all guitar and parts questions. Email him at [email protected] and he’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

I was the repair tech for Jim at Outlaw Guitars and Hoboken Vintage Guitars. Both of those businesses had some of the finest inventory I have ever seen. I had the great fortune of working on some really wonderful instruments and amplifiers. It was one of the most educational experiences of my life broadening my knowledge by not only the hands on experience but having Jim as a human vintage gutiar database. I learned something from him almost every day. Thanks Jim!!

Click here to read “The State of the Vintage Guitar Market” by Jim Pasch.


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