The Nashville Number System

Ever wonder how the Nashville dudes do it? They get into a studio and the session leader hands out a bunch of charts with some numbers and other scribble on it. There is no key signature or even time signature… Continue Reading

Ben Fargen Launches Sonic Edge

Sonic Edge is a new company founded by Ben Fargen (Fargen Amps) to produce high quality guitar and bass effects for every level of players at an affordable price. Sonic Edge is all about tone. The Sonic Edge J&J is… Continue Reading

New Article: Uses For Your Woodshop Scraps by Steve Casper

The newest 300guitars Guest Guru, Steve Casper, has his first article on the Guest Guru page. The article is called “Uses For Your Woodshop Scraps”. In this article Steve offers up some suggestions for the scrap wood and sawdust produced… Continue Reading

Cool CD Alert: Pure by Tomo Fujita

Here’s a great new CD by Tomo Fujita called “Pure”. Tomo is an amazing player and faculty member at the Berklee College of Music. He has worked with some great artists such as Phil Collins, John Mayer and Ronnie Earl… Continue Reading

New Guest Guru: Steve Casper of Casper Guitar Technologies

Hey all. Please welcome a new Guest Guru here to 300guitars. His name is Steve Casper of Casper Guitar Technologies. Steve builds some fine guitars down there in Florida. He specializes in bolt-on style models and crafts everything himself including… Continue Reading

Acoustic Instrument Show!!!

The Acoustic Instrument Show is produced by Loni Specter (founder of The Amp Show) and Dennis Snyder. This is the first year for this show and many brands have registered to display their acoustic, folk and traditional instruments such as… Continue Reading

Fender Super Champ Mods

Here is the inside of my 1980’s Fender Super Champ and a few of the mods I did. Nothing too drastic just a few cap values altered for better tone. Let me know if you have any questions. [shop_ad]

Milbert Amplifiers GAGA-50

Check this out.. Milbert Amplifiers GAGA-50 is an all tube amp that weighs in at 5lbs and is rated for 50 watts!!!  That’s 10 watts per pound…!!! How in the world is this possible? The Milbert amp uses their patented… Continue Reading

New Article: A? What A? by Robbie Calvo

He’s back..! There is a new article by Robbie Calvo on the Guest Guru’s page. Robbie’s latest article is called A? What A? I know it is an interesting title….but what’s it about? In this article Robbie helps you expand… Continue Reading

1958 Fender Champ – New in Box!

Whoa….two rare Fender tweeds in one week..!! Jason over at made a post this incredible find on his website recently. It seems that Terry Foster, one of the authors of Fender: The Golden Age 1946-1970 sent the pic to… Continue Reading

Cool Dan Armstrong Site!!!

My man Alan Gowa hipped me to a very cool website about Dan Armstrong. I think Dan is best known for his clear Lucite guitars and basses. He did a bunch of other cool stuff and products as well. This… Continue Reading

Lighten Up….Your Technique That Is!

I’ve been hanging out and jamming with some guitar players recently and I was really taking notice of each players technique. Obviously everyone plays differently and no two players are exactly the same (thank God!). After watching all the different… Continue Reading

Q&A with Legendary Guitarist Jeff Beck

There is a cool interview with Jeff Beck over on the Fender website. In this Q&A interview Beck talks about his new album “Emotion & Commotion”, how and what he practices, guitars, the Yardbirds, cars and some other cool stuff.… Continue Reading

Vintage Oddity: Rare Tweed Fender Deluxe Owned by Henry Gross

My friend and expert amplifier repair/restoration man Larry Rodgers got a most unusual vintage tweed Fender Deluxe into his shop recently. He knows how I like to “geek out” on things like this so he sent me up an email… Continue Reading

New Boss ME-25

New Boss ME-25 has a bunch of features and seems like a pretty good bang for the buck. It looks easy to use and works like a stompbox. There’s built-in Sound Library which gives you instant access to dozens of… Continue Reading