Austin Amp Show Nolatone Swamp Tango Demo

This is Paul Sanders new Nolatone Swamp Tango amp. It is based on the Tango 22 but has tremolo and a 15″ speaker. As the name implies it does sound…….swampy!!!

Musikmesse 2010!!

Hey all…in case you didn’t know today is the first day of Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. Four days of peace and music….oops, that was Woodstock back in ’69!! I will not be there to cover the action but from what… Continue Reading

ZT Lunchbox Acoustic Amp Demo #1

Here is my first ZT Lunchbox Acoustic amplifier demo. This model sounds great and has two channels… for guitar and one for vocals. 200 watts through a 6.5″ speaker. The Bass & Treble controls have a lot of range and… Continue Reading

ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Acoustic Review!!!!

Ok folks….hereit is the brand new ZT Lunchbox Acoustic amp hot off the presses!!! This little amp is absolutely great sounding and it is very versatile. It has two channels: one for your guitar and one for a microphone. Each… Continue Reading

Austin Amp Show Keleman Roadrun_ner Demo with LSL T Bone!!!

This is the Kelemen Roadrun_er amp. This amp has a real solid feel and a lot of punch. This amp with the LSL T Bone was a total match for me. LOVED the way the amp screamed and it great… Continue Reading

Austin Amp Show JoMama Prototype Amp

This is one of the Jomama prototype amps built by Joe Kelemen. This prototype amp sounded great and had a nice solid feel. You can cut the power down so the amp will adapt power wise (and volume wise) to… Continue Reading

Austin Amp Show Review 2010 – Part 2

I spent March 6 & 7 down in Austin, Texas talking with a bunch of amp brands and a few guitar brands as well. I also got to try out their products semi-privately in hotel suites which made it much… Continue Reading

Austin Amp Show Lance Lerman of LSL Guitars

Here is an interview I did with Lance Lerman of LSL Instruments. The LSL guitars are awesome and are built by hand the old skool way. Super light, great tone and playability.

Austin Amp Show Egnater Rebel 30 Demo

The Egnater Rebel 30 has a ton of features that all work. This is one of the most versatile amps I have played recently. Two channels, reverb, effects loop and much more.

Austin Amp Show Egnater Rebel 20 Demo

Lots of cool sounds from the Egnater Rebel 20…!!! Fun to play and the head is really small.

New ZT Lunchbox Acoustic Amp in the House!!

This is the new ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Acoustic!!! It will be available in about 2 weeks. Sounds awesome and is very versatile. Click here for more information:

Austin Amp Show Egnater Tweaker Demo

The Egnater Tweaker is a cool little amp for all us players that like to tweak away at knobs. Sounds a feels really nice!!

Austin Amp Show John Ewing Interview Egnater Amps

John Ewing of Egnater Amps takes me through and shows me the models in the line.

Austin Amp Show East Amplification Studio 2 Demo

Jeff Bober is back with his Studio 2 model. This amp is 2 watts and uses a pair of 12AT7’s in a push-pull arrangement. It is louder than you think (remember these are Bober watts) and sounds great…..has a nice… Continue Reading

Austin Amp Show Jeff Bober Interview – East Amplification

Jeff Bober (originator of Budda Amps..) is back and talks about his new East Amplification brand and new model called the Studio 2.