Great Guitar Teacher Resource!

My man Rob over there across the pond in the UK has an amazing website for all you guitar teachers. His site called www.teachwombat.com has literally everything you need for teaching guitar, except the guitar of course 😉

Besides the usual teaching aids like chord grids, neck blanks and prepared lesson sheets Rob goes above and beyond with the available materials. He also provides more than 100 handout lessons, guitar teacher business card blanks, a teaching diary to track revenue as well as students (plus a video showing how to use it), backing track downloads, guidance on teaching young children, lesson plans, modes explained and MUCH more.

I was stunned to find a resource like this! Rob is both a player and a teacher and he created this material for himself and thought it would be a great resource for other teachers. His website has been up for just over a year and I’d like any of you guitar teachers that visit me here to give him a little love and check out his site. The price for all of his materials is extremely reasonable. This is the go-to site if you are going to be a guitar teacher. Well over half of your job is done in one visit. Heck, I may even throw my hat in the ring and start teaching….!!

Click here to visit Rob’s website teachwombat.com.