New Tomaszewicz T Drive Pedal!!!

Not only does John Tomaszewicz make great amps he also makes great pedals!!! His new TZZ T Drive pedal was just released. This pedal was first seen and heard in the TomasZewicZ Amps video clip from the LA Amp Show 2009.

This overdrive pedal consists of an optimized clipping circuit that provides rich smooth harmonics followed by a tone stack with treble, middle, and bass controls. The tone stack is then followed by a gain stage to boost the signal and buffer the output.

The pedal uses true bypass switching, includes 9-18 VDC power capabilty along with 9V battery operation. A bright blue LED is used as the on indicator. MAP is $185.00

I personally played this pedal at the Austin Amp Show and it sounded really nice. Plenty of gain on tap with a lot of control over the tone because of the Treble, Middle and Bass controls. The drive sound is smooth and touch sensitive…..much like his amps!!

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