Vox Introduces the New Ice 9 Pedal at Frankfurt Musikmesse!

Hot off the Frankfurt Musikmesse presses! VOX Amplification introduced thenew  Ice 9 Overdrive which is the 4th pedal in their collaboration with Joe Satriani.

The new Ice 9 has two overdrive modes, flexible tone-shaping and the ever-popular “More” switch. It also delivers a wide range of tones while being easy to use. The pedal is named after one of Satriani’s songs on his 1987 album Surfing with the Alien.

Some features include: Vintage/Modern mode  providing two very different overdrive voices that were designed to exacting specifications with carefully selected components. The Vintage mode uses a special op amp and premium diodes for an overdrive that is warm and classic, with just the right amount of sparkle and sustain. The Modern voice uses a Germanium diode for a cutting-edge overdrive that is aggressive. There is also a custom Tone control and an extra Bass response knob. The Gain knob can dial up wide ranges of overdrive from a warm, soft edge to a full-tilt onslaught. The Volume knob, controls the overall volume level when the Overdrive effect is engaged. Lastly the “More” button kicks in a +14 dB volume boost that can cut through the mix in any situation.

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